Can an Ugly Apartment Look Cute Again?

Can an Ugly Apartment Look Cute Again?

A lot of issues can make an apartment look ugly such as hideous carpets, cramped rooms, lighting features and cabinets that are out of date, blind walls and so on. And if you have a picky landlord in addition, who won’t let you have any permanent changes it can be even more difficult to upgrade your ugly apartment and make it look like the finest apartments in Peoria Il. If you understand your limits and use all your creativity you can succeed in giving your home a completely new face.

One thing to keep in mind is not to keep your stuff on the floor. Having your things arranged will make your apartment look more spacious and attractive. Unpack as soon as you moved, hang all the artwork on the walls instead of putting them on the floor and use all the shelving space you have. Hang your favorite decorations on the walls, it will make the apartment look like home immediately. Select furniture, throw pillows, decorations, pictures and curtains in your favorite colors, but be careful to combine them to complement each other.

Have some new colors on your walls. Don’t use too many, only one or two that fit with each other. Only paint your walls if your landlord lets you to. If not, make your own original artwork by stretching some interesting fabric over a huge wood frame and putting it against the wall. Use some self-adhesive hooks to hang your artwork and not to cause too much damage in the walls. You can put one large panel against one wall or two to four smaller panels against more walls.

Try to camouflage the ugly parts of the apartment. Hang a painting or place a bookshelf or a cabinet against a damaged wall that your landlord won’t let you fix. Hang a nice curtain on an ugly blind wall and a large rug or some floor tiles on an over-used carpet. Put some paper lanterns on the ugly lighting features.

Get some plants. Plants will give your home a sophisticated look and will liven it. Install some shelves or use the window sills to place some nice potted plants or let a large floor plant occupy a whole corner of your apartment. It can camouflage ugly walls and damaged corners in the most graceful way. Placing a simple flower arrangement on a table or a counter top can add a plus class to your home.

Paint the window frames in some refreshing tones to emphasize the view from your windows and lead visitors to admire the sights instead of searching for imperfections inside the apartment. Cover the old, ugly couch or the chairs with some nice couch cover and colored fabrics. Get some brightly colored throw pillows to add a more chic feeling to your place.

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