February 22, 2014

How to Redecorate Your Old Apartment

If you want to redecorate an old apartment in Peoria IL it can be a real challenge because you will have some serious issues with architectural elements, storage and space. You might be thinking about completely hiding specific eccentricities but in some cases it can be much easier to gently camouflage them, or even emphasize some features. With a little imagination you will find the best way to brighten up your old home. You don’t need too much for getting started, in fact with some paint, fabric and furnishing you can get on to it.

First thing you need to do is set up a budget for the makeover. If you have a fixed budget you will be able to spend your money on some larger items and save some on decoration. For example you can start with a bed or some large bookshelves. Don’t forget that some funky hardware or a little furnishing can do miracles with a piece of old furniture, so why throw them out? If you let your imagination run wild, you might do some changes on your old stuff so that your friends might not even recognize it. So think again before you throw anything out.

Another thing you need to do is organize the space. Before you start breaking walls just take some time and think about how much storage space you need. Small storage spaces can be expensive since you will have to buy a wardrobe or a dresser. Think about some cheaper ways to organize and hide clutter. For example, if your ceiling is high, use that space for a loft bed, some floating shelves and tall bookcases. Think twice before you take the final decision. If you divide your space in many little rooms, you will lose the spacious look of your apartment.

Be attentive to your boundaries. If you are not allowed to paint, hide the walls with some large artwork or some colorful fabric. If you may not have too many holes for nails, just have some open shelves and use them properly. You could place some corner niches in a few corners and expose your collectibles and some artwork on them.

Find new, interesting ways to display your objects. Arrange them by theme, color or size, like for example a set of vintage red bottles arranged on a long shelf. Use colored baskets and boxes to create some interesting open storage. Brighten up your space with color. Hang some large colorful artwork or some interesting fabric on the wall. Brighten up a dark corner with a funky painted small table and a chair. Put a vintage lamp on the table and the corner will look as lovely as any other part of the apartment. Buy come new throw pillows to add some more color to your living room.